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Run off a different cliff! Why don't you think?
Ailwyn Rees

No one really goes near the Experimental section, so why not pop your track into the Rock section to get a review!

It came cross as a third rate Tubeway Army (Gary Numan) inspired track, repetitive vocals, somewhat meaningless...

It all seemed to be computer generated from what I could hear... I hope I'm wrong?

Couldn't really pick put the guitar and bass, and the drums really weren't doing much either?

At least you have a review now. How many more are you expecting??? You may be disappointed!

reminiscent of NI

A little reminiscent of NIN or The God Machine - a touch chaotic, nicely sparse - some good textural relief through out the song. The Lyrics feel forced. A little more attention to the detail is needed in this ind of music to make it feel really tight (that would enhance the song a lot).