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You Know I Care.......
Ailwyn Rees

Well hello again! We must stop meeting like this! People might be mistaken into thinking there's some life left in this blind review system.

I always enjoy listening to your compositions.... Your musicianship and production are always of a high standard, very melodic and well mixed.

I guess this is the way forward for the site now... you upload the songs and I'll review them!

Keep up the good work....

Longer days and colder nights...

Song starts with a Dead sensibility, almost acoustic, drums not in a hurry, and the beat has a little shuffle to it. When the singer begins, he has a credible easy going style. I'm not implying this guy should be on the voice, but he's not difficult to listen to.

I found the melody pleasant enough, the lyrics not overly inventive but not too bad, pleasant like the music. The arrangement has a lot of air, easy to comprehend what's going on, and the various parts of keys and background vocal harmony and guitars all come through strongly. The bass seems fairly low in the mix, but I'm OK with that.

The arrangement builds predictably and effectively. I like the "I'll pick you up" quickened rhythm phrase, I'd consider it the primary hook as the rest of the song is pretty vanilla. This is a side effect almost unavoidable for such a style of song, easy rock. So overall a good song, very well performed and crafted, but crafted to be not so very distinguishable for any particular reason.