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All right! I give you the cigarrette too!

We can see a girl full of colours in this song...
She begins dark on a mistery tone, after goes more "happy" until catch "gloria" moment! Yeah! Like ascending orgasm..OOHH YEAH! bad, bad.. girl.

Anyways... EQ could find more colours in high frequencies. So I suppose, nobody can gambling with her star. In the other hand, drums sounds very natural and well structured. Bass is so well that it is almost "invisible".

WOW A moment of lighting just before guitar solo. Good harmony arrangement! But what happen with guitar solo? the wrong dude in the wrong moment? Why after BIG BANG you put in front of me this black hole?... Bad, bad girl...

Watch your tuning it loses accuracy sometimes.

Is not exactly the "new sound" or the "last tendence" but, it works for have fun in a cold afternoon with a coffe in the hand... All right! I give you the cigarrette too!


The musicians are certainly competent and the singer had a very good voice, and an interesting style.

The song was obviously "alternative". I couldn't make out the words except for a few, probably because the vocals were drowned out by the thudding bass and drums. What words I did hear were very abstract and carried no clear message, hook or emotion.

I would suggest sitting down and rewriting the words to give it a melodic hook, and some content that we can all epmpathize with. I would suggest remixing the vocal up, bass and drum down. The female voice if mixed up could beautify this song, and make it poppier, instead of dirge-like.

Also, the beat is robotic, needs more humanization.

Nice punchy song a bit too crowded at times

On this one I like the verse more than the chorus... cannot help to think it should be the other way round, but there you go.

The verse sounds like an outtake from a Police record. Good combination of straight acoustic + driven bass, and drums.

The acoustic is a bit bulky though, mix-wise, I would have cut down a little bit of lows to give room to the rest of the instrumentation and vocals. The drums are rather compressed, I'd say too much, and I get the feeling I already heard some songs mixed by the same guy, with the same heavy handed compression. Somehow this one feels better than the last one that I heard of the same kind, still I would have loved to hear the drums breathe a bit more. The constant smack of the snare might be punchy but it's also tiring...

The chorus is less rhythmically interesting IMO. It gets into a rather standard rock mode, which is not bad, just a let down from the verses... It also feels quite crowded, big background vocals make it full enough that the lead guitar on the right (which significantly enough is mixed quite low) is unnecessary. I'd say that the guy who mixed that recognized it as such, but didn't go as far as using the mute button, which I think would have been a much better decision.

Vocals are great, and the melody is almost hooky which makes for a fun tune that with repeated listen could stay in your head.

The production is probably up to modern standard but I can't help but think that the loudness was is making this one lose: a touch more breathing would have been really welcome.

Best. Song. Ever.

I've heard plenty by this singer, but do not recall having heard this before, and my impression is simply, "wow!" on all counts. The production, arrangement, playing - all as good as it gets around here.
Very nice transitions from a creative grooving verse, into an anthemic chorus, up-the-ante bridge, badass guitar, then the chorus coming back, bigger and nicer than ever.
I would pick this over my own song even...

Left wanting more!
Mid Mo Guinea Pig

These guys are very tightly put together and have obviously put a lot of time into this. I really like the changes in this song. The difference between the verses and chorus are dramatic yet put together so smoothly that it's very easy and enjoyable on the ears. Although, I feel there could have been some better EQ on the vocals. At times it doesn't blend with the rest as well as I think it should. All in all, great song!

Do you stand up, or sit down?
Ailwyn Rees

Lots of influences detected in this song, with Seekers-like, excellent vocals, wah-wah driven guitars, an interesting beat-groove oumping the song along, with a basic bass line holding it all together.

A very good production, very listenable to, and lovely melodies.

Well done.

Like the groove

Had a cool groove Bass synths wrere cool. I couldn't get into it though because the lyrics don't seem to fit the song. They sound like they would be great in another song. Guitar solo was a little much for what was going on in the rest of the song. Singer has a good voice. Keep up the good work.

good stuff, I like it

Good sharp material, good arrangement, effects, guitars and especially the vocals. You guys have done all the right things and you should have gigs and some sales too I would think.

But here's the rub. This is crazy 2012 and there are a lot of people doing quality stuff out there that goes nowhere and a lot of screwball wacky stuff that's getting heavy sales. Originality is not your strongest point.

I think you need to go to the next level with either a collaboration or a hip producer to give you a competitive edge. Also there's a lot of electronica out there that's cheap and easy to use and can give you your own unique sound.

Art pop
Steve Ison

The chugging rythm guitar really reminds me of 'dadoodoodoo' by The Police..Very well produced-I think the drum felt too loud when i first heard it,but i'm kinda used to it now..
This is a strange mix of arty verse and ultra- poppy chorus..The sudden shift to the chorus was a great suprise when it first came in altho i guessed the minor chord change at the end of it before it actually arrived (dunno if thats a good or bad thing)..The mid 8 (the first part) was great when it came in-a really cool suprise..

I think i admire the creative-spirit and ambition here with its strange chord changes/dramatic rythm and mood shifts more than i actually love it as a song..

Alot of great guitaring,intelligent arranging,excellent vocals-but its not quite doing it for me still...
I think the chorus (altho good) is kinda too poppy-and would prob start annoying me abit after a few plays.Tho i know thats just me-as i can hear its obviously ridiculousy catchy n has commercial potential a-plenty..

Intro got my attention

Intro has a familiar but not immediately identifiable feel that got me involved right off the bat.

Verses are catchy, but the chorus is the real grabber for me. Melodically, harmonically, and mix-wise it has a very nice flow.

Bass and drums are excellent, and the guitar break had a nice edge to it.

Only one listen now, but I'll be coming back to this one.

I love to have to think

Sometimes an avante garde, high brow Genesis/Police type song with a voice like Kate Bush a bit just doesn't manage to preserve enough emotional impact, but this time it manages to reel in the technically cool, especially in the chorus, and I find myself being moved along the mood spectrum as I ponder the meaning a little more each listen.

And as a bonus I love the fuzzy wahwah guitar solo bridge, all fun!

I will listen more, and I think I might find light at the end of the tunnel.