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Rock City
Ailwyn Rees

Bit raw in places with an annoying buzz at the end. It sounds like you knew it was there and abruptly finished the whole thing!

Rhythm section sounded good, nice low end with the bass and drums with a steady beat. The rest of it has something to be desired. Trying to sound like Ian Hunter were you? At least he sounded his t's when singing.... you don't! Perhaps you were going for the rough image? If so, the neat guitar work didn't portray that!

Oh well, savour this review, as it may be the last one you receive on this graveyard of a website!

Where's the party?

Apparently they have a 'party tonight'. Problem is that they don't seem to be that excited about it.

The tempo is a bit dragging, so maybe a push on faster BPM would have helped us feel the urgency. Right now it sounds too studied and lacks energy.

The sound of the lead guitar is a bit annoying. Try dialing a bit more low-end in there and you might have a tone.

At 3:40, it still manages to feel long, which is not a good sign.
Symptomatically, when they sing 'rock hard' there is almost nothing going on musically... hum.

I don't think this is such a bad song, but some tighter performance, a faster tempo and some conviction and energy could have made it a lot hotter than what it is. Right now it's a bit tepid.
You should work on that and make it a rocker!

Funky AND Groovy

This singer has a firm grip on the vocal line, but is not a primadonna singer by any means, which is fine for a fun little ditty like this, sort of Talking Heads/Dire Straits .

The guitar is catchy and combined with the bass is holding the center of the song's soul in a punk surf fashion with some pretty snazzy solo work in there, too. Quite enjoyably arranged.

The drums are straightforward, not too fast or furious, just keeping the beat in a danceable rhythm, and they fit the level of the melody and performance pretty well.

It is not a fantastic song, but for a lightweight it has a number of positives, a vocal growly hook, a big lead guitar, and a jamming bass. Words are not profound, but they don't get in the way. Overall I have to say I liked it!

just not happening for me, or them ...

my first impression is that somebody really still loves the old 60's classic rock scene. and that somebody is you .... I just wonder if you're gonna find more than a handful of listeners who agree with you.

it's played and sung ok, the drums and bass work together pretty well and tho the guitar sound is pretty obnoxious, the parts are relatively well done. tho sometimes during the lead guitar solo, I was wondering if somebody got lost and decided to play in a different key? narrow the notes in that box down to those in the key for this style of old school rock boys. it's off-putting to have to try to match the chords up to a lot of those notes.

the vocals are non-descript and uneventful. not horrible but certainly lacking in much personality .... obviously a non english speaker trying to talk the talk and walk the walk ... that can be a good thing except here, it's just not all that great and sorta sounds obligatory. stick to your own language, even if most of us don't understand, at least if you are speaking pig latin and it's real, there's a connection. right now, I feel pretty disconnected.

or maybe, after a few listens, I am starting to find it a little funny. in a making fun OF you way, which isn't really cool on my part but I can't help it, it's coming across just a little camp and frankly stereotypical. even the words lend themselves to disbelief ... ??? rock steady??? come on ..... you gotta be more original than that to gain any cred on the streets of metropolis or gotham city boys. really.

the up upside is that the production is mid quality demo. I can hear it all even tho it's not mixed particularly well ... the vox are too hot, as are the guitars mostly and the bass needs a gain boost and some massive compression but the drums ain't bad acoustic sounding live and dry .... abd again, it's all there, just not well rep'd in my ears as a band recording.

despite it's shortcomings, I don't hate the song, I don't even dislike it .... but .... I don't care much if I never hear it again, I'm apathetic about it. and I wonder if that's not worse than hating it. not caring ...

come on boys, do better. represent yourselves. this ain't your finest hour and in fact, cus it's so derivative of a worn out sound and style, you're gonna lose this review pair to a song that is downright bad, mostly cus at least that one is a little unique and this is just a pretty mediocre rehash of other peope's history.

and frankly, both songs are kinda bumming me out cus I always hope for indies to write, perform and record well, no matter who they are and where they come from.

get with that program.