All Reviews Of Mink Stolen Part 4 of 5- Battle of the Giant Minks

Zorba the Greek meets King Arthur
Ailwyn Rees

Nice Zorba the Greek intro... I expect nothing less of you!

Who's the lovely Guinevere in the background? The battle of the bands begin! With every rock-band from 1971, excluding The Frontliners!

This was the best section of the song by far! Minks climbing up castle walls with heavy riffs, then sound off.... gone!

You win the round, but just how many more will you win?

Watch this space for further reviews...

30 seconds worth of music for 6 min recitation

What I'm thinking when listening to this is: "would you just shut up!"

There are some OK moments in the background but the narrative is always 10 db louder than everything.

Actually from 4:57 to 5:27... that's 30 seconds of fine music for 6 minute of boring low level soundscape with a recitation on top.

The balance is off in this thing.

oh my

oh my, I thought I was done .... seems like I've reviewed about 17 parts so far .....

no mind, I can't be far from done and actually, besides the one where the gal sings a poppish song, this is the most different musically. and it's actually probably more funky in it's own way. plus it has much more emotion and more dynamics in not only the music, but the story line and it's delivery too.

it's still a talking book with music .... but hey, that's what it is.

the production and voicings and voices are absolutely no different from anything else I have talked about with the other sections with the exception quite possibly of the electric guitar stuff - the tube sound. which is nothing to write home about but isn't annoying nor bothersome but I'm not sure I dig the quick theft from zep in this concept. and once again, there are times when the lady singing the backing parts seems to be just ever so slightly out of tune and for me, that's a turn off. her voice sounds good enough but it's just not hitting the same pitch as my ear tells me it should be based on the chord structure sitting below.

how does that happen?

anyway, points for the keyboard start, that's sorta coolish stuff .... coupled with the bass, it's something that might could be something cool in other worlds. the tense parts that follow it on strings works too.

dynamics are good. some tense and near exciting moments if you're listening to the narrative and bed in context. it does fall back off and get a little tame again and that ends up being sorta boring but in a project this long, there's gonna be those moments.

battle of the bands.?? frigged up man. like the whole story had no place else to go except follow the guitar line. not feeling largely entertained as much as exploited for the sake of settling with the first ideas.

interestingly, I think about how my face must look while listening to this and it's all over the place. from shock horror over why'd you do that to confusion about how you did it.

at least this part, tho thieving, is more fun than some other parts than I recall.

it ain't dope and it ain't fresh but it is daring.