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Your time is almost up.....
Ailwyn Rees

So we're back to our Knights being serenaded by Guinevere again. I hope that when that proverbial shit hit the fan it didn't ruin her make-up too much?

Oh, so it's Angelique? Reminiscing back to her childhood in part two. I think you should have employed her great vocal talents on some more of your soundtrack, experimental offerings. It's a refreshing change from your spoken dialogue!

Overall a good production, melody and arrangement courtesy of your female vocalist. It was certainly the highlight of this track, overshadowing everything else.

You might want to print off and frame this review, as it may be the last one you receive from the current members of Audiopolis....

Always is freshwet, find girl_:-..DIVE into it!

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Collage of words and background music

I have trouble reconciliating the various parts of this thing into a cohesive song, much less a soundtrack.

First we have some background drone with a guy speaking of some sort of sci-fi tale... can't say I'm much interested, doesn't make too much sense to me.

Then there's some sort of ditty sung by a lady in the background, not disagreeable a part actually, but it's low in level and covered by yet some more 'narrative'. Yawn. This fades out and stops abruptly and suddenly we have some drums/bass + FM rhodes, and the lady is back as a lead vocal this time.
Not disagreeable again, but hardly memorable.
Too wordy, no hook per se and a bit of cheezy sounding music underneath... hum.

Some ok moment but really nothing memorable or something that I could even remotely call a soundtrack.
So I wonder what the hell did I listened to?

soundtrack is right. should I be stokin' a bowl?

well, what did I expect? I went ahead and clicked the SOUNDTRACK choice on the dropdown ....

so, here it is, a bit of a musical story book .... and pretty much out of nowhere - with desperate parts from beginning to end. to be honest, how the parts fit together is a bit of a mystery to me, like I came into the story half way through or something.

but let me get back to that after talking about how it sounds and how it's put together musically and sonically ....

to begin with, at the beginning, it's quite shocking to have the spoken word come in so loudly, so quickly ... and that's followed by more of the same - the bed track and other vocals are a whole lot lower in gain than the narrator's voice. I understand wanting it to stand out, stand above - but the difference is too large. his voice is too overpowering. pity, cus otherwise, it's a pretty good mix .... pretty good, not great.

if all things were equal and the guys voice were down 3 to 6 db's, I'd still probably want the guitar (I think it is guitar) to be brought up some to match the bass and drums .. and keys ...

a little more like when the lady takes over with the melodic lead.

drums are a smidge canned and could use some human error and maybe varied attack here and there ... bass is quite cool, formulaic to be sure but the formula is right and it wants to border on jazz and it's cool ... otherwise, the whole bed track works well, nice orchestration and key voicings ...

the backing vocals of the beginning seem pretty well captured and presented, the male speaker is especially clear and crisp in it's representation. great tone. just well recorded - as is the lady when she takes over the lead vocal singing, except, it seems like there's a hiss hanging over her track on the lead, only removed by a noise gate it seems - but ever present when the delivery is happening ....

btw - it's two different songs with two different mixes and masterings ... when she's taken it under her wing, it's a pop sorta story time. with an intimate delivery on her part to go over what is really a very 70's nearly eaglesque sound. with a groove ... vs the first part which remains quite kindle ready as a talking book ... I don't really follow the lyrics too well on either part as it does seem focused on something I wasn't given a heads up on ....

but it all flows well in it's own way.

and to be sure, the guy seems quite capable and accessible in his lines. with a subdued storytelling vibe that is quite comfortable to hear - with decent enough drama without going overboard. his voice suits the gig, good timbre and clear inflection ... not a true FM type guy but one pretty well suited to this project and similar animated story lines probably.

all in all, tho it's really 2 songs, neither of which I am really in tune with, it's obviously got a place in some sort of bigger world. and doesn't lack for musical interest attraction nor vocal accessibility. I guess, for all practical purposes, for what it is - I like it. if I rode the train for a hour a day, maybe this would be a good way kill a few days ride.

ya know ....