All Reviews Of Mink Stolen Part 2 of 5-Subterfuge on a Starship

Ah, it's Dominique Angelique!
Ailwyn Rees

More fatherly obsessions with Mink Fur Traders!

I really struggled to get into this track... It might have been better suited for the experimental, although I do appreciate that it's part of a project and linked into most of the other tracks in this category.

Compared with the installment I just listened to this one was very disjointed. It just didn't flow for me at all!

Another long short story passing for music

Yet some more recitation over a few notes.
This is not a soundtrack, this is a short story.
Write it, print it, but don't call it music. Because it isn't.

When I want to read a story I open a book, I don't put my headphones on.

So what's positive about this?
The narrative vocal is well recorded.
The little background vocals are well sung.
But the whole thing makes so little sense, really.

I'm lost here.

ok .... it's been quite some time since I hit on the other sections of what is this particularly large story of song. no idea what part this might be but it's certainly not the 1st or the last .... and so the context of the story is completely lost and forgotten.

but we can talk about other things than the entire book.

so, it's spoken word. with backing. and other stuff ...

on the production ... quite smart. tho I believe the spoken word dude is a little too loud in the mix. but only by a little ... and the part is very well rep'd here. great clarity and fabulous tone. very FM while keeping an eq edge on the voice. mostly .. cus late in the passage, I thnk that even the uploader/engineer lost interest. it's as if the part was recorded in 2 different environments ... I'm talking about when the speaker sings. distortion and mud ... not good.

pity cus there was some missing musicality there.

anyway, the backing chick singer added some stark interest to the project in this section but didn't really sink her teeth into it - mostly cus the arrangement didn't allow for it I guess ... odd pairing of her voice with his in the spoken section - sorta spooky and to be sure, kinda cool. her mmmm's were good, a little raw in notes chosen here and there but the mood was perfect ....

back to the dude talking ... lots of expressive points. excellent interest holding job.

back to the singing outro section .... nice coupling of the harmonies and backing vox but the lead job was a bit blah and sorta yuck. he didn't grab any melody nor did he even seem to try. it's close in parts but far off inothers and that's not a good close to the song.

backing track with it's voicings were good. nothing special but obviously, it wasn't meant to be. it is just a vehicle to call the project musical.

I dunno ... it's not bad but it doesn't seem like something that many are gonna be able to or want to wrap their heads around. a bit chilly too ... very little charming warmth to the whole deal. obviously, a big ambitious project. props for the bravery but all in all ... not overly impressive nor does it hold any actual excitement.

and because it's music, that's not working.

it's really just so so ....