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Yep...... you pulled it off, living the dream with me!
Ailwyn Rees

What a lovely laid back folk song you've produced here! It certainly put my head in a spin!

It flows along nicely with well written lyrics, a lovely melody, great commercial appeal. pleasant musicianship, not overdone, true folk-style!

I've listened to it twice now, and you have achieved the full house, 4...4....4...4...etc.

Well done, and I sincerely hope more than 3 people listen to this!

Folk for real

Sounds like a live recording. From the few applause at the end, I guess it is.

The song is bare, acoustic guitar strums + lead vocals and one background vocal. OK.

The singer sounds a bit more country than folk at times but it's quite typical folk and it sure sounds like the real deal.
The background vocals are not always in pitch, but I suppose this helps getting a real feel... I will not propose some transparent tuning because I suppose I will be shunt for blasphemy, but transparent tuning can be... transparent.

The kind of song you would expect at the end of a party when most of the people have gone and only a few good friends have gathered around a fire. There's worst feeling than that!

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Although this tune has haunting and sad elements there are times when it puts into my head an animated duo of scruffy old cats singing in the alley. But at least that's not depressing. The singer seems to be in competition with the backing vocalist, he, someone thinks, the true lead, so much so that it really should be 'we' who is trying to pull this one off.
I'm not so sure the voices are well-matched either, one rough and fragile and the other, like a porn star's nuts, recently waxed and somewhat imposing.
I like the reference to 'No pope at all'. I'm with you there.
True however to the genre, there's a very good lament and personal history, solid downthrust chords and no questionable progressions. A real sing-a-long, a hook that works, lyrics which are honed but not overthunk. The guy sounds like he has a lot of sad tales to tell.
I suppose this one does exactly what it says on the tin and really nothing more. 20 per cent of the bar plus expenses and certainly a decent contribution to the set.

This reminds me of Dave Bromberg but not so ascerbic

The lyrics are fairly profoundly honest about the nature of dreams. This has a nice live performance feel, and the female backing vocal, though not amazing, is still a sweet solid touch adding to the appeal of the song. The acoustic guitar work is gentle and enjoyable, not out to win in races, but I think a good fit for the melody at hand. There is an almost western country flavor here, I can hear Roy Rogers or Gene Autry covering this one.

Good Songwriter

Although I do think we have some pretty good songwriting,
I'm not liking the vocal mix here. I really don't feel these voices are blending, like it's incompatible timbres or some pitchiness or both in places...often it sounds like the right notes together, but not gelling I'm afraid. I'd actually like to hear this again without the b/u vox stripped out, as I was having trouble focusing anything else.
ON the positive side: Lyrically, it flows along nicely and the subject matter seems to be well handled, sharing from apparent personal experience. Some pretty decent and steady tempo in the guitar picking.
Not real nuts about the "let's see if I can pull this off" portion. I'd axe that bit.

more applause - you punters!

the overall sound isn't horrid - for what appears to be a live recording. the guitar could use some eq work to eliminate what appears to be a cheap pickup sound but the mix with the vocals ain't bad and the fact is - it's so simple and intimate, and the guitar is just support for the vocals - that sorta makes it ok

speaking of which, the vocals are the song. simple, pitch problem'd simplistic but in turn - it's accessible and pretty charismatic. the lead singer needs a bit more microphone experience (presence) but he has some pretty nice lines lyrically that fit so well into a very very americana vibe here.

to add to that - the backing vocals, pretty authentic sounding folky shit there ... maybe a bit overdone in the mix at times but if that's the live sound, must be the band (duo + 1?) likes it that way. I know I found it relaxing and pretty laid back cool. easy to listen to. simple and pure.

it's endearing. and enticing. and an easy winner for this round of 2, on songwriting alone - much less the superior performance. this song feels real. and natural.

and that'll win over poeple.

Pipe 'n ' slippers
Steve Ison

Easy listening old style folk song...Relaxed n intuitive.Simple and well done.But i think its just too damn comfortable n pipe n slippers for me to really like it..
I can appreciate the relaxed quality of the performance-the unforcedness of the writing, but things like the way it resolves at the end of the chorus-that others might think 'classic' i think is just too comfortable,sentimental-and overly familiar from hearing so many songs with a similar way of doing things to really engage me..
Its a matter of taste for sure but i know it would start annoying me after a bit if i played it again..