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One of these days... I'll do another review!
Ailwyn Rees

Not often that I listen to country, but I'll be very honest, I'm running out if categories to review, so here I am in the yee-hah category!

Nice little drum pattern for the intro... then straight into that classic country rhythm.

Good intelligent use of all instruments, high and low end with the bass, accordion standing out, and nice lead on the outro.

I hear the backing vocals, but they could come up a bit more, as the lead vocal drowns them out.

All in all a lovely melody that is very listenable to :-)

Standard country

There's a definitive country feel on this one, no doubt.
I can imagine that on the scene of a southern rodeo festival, with dudes in jeans an a Stetson firmly secured on their head.

Nothing special about it, but I think it works fine. It's probably a little long, but I suppose the lyrics required it, so for lyrics oriented listeners I suppose there's no rush to get the message.
I'm not one of them so I just find it a bit long...

The mix sounds good and everything is where it should be, level-wise and tone wise. Perhaps the lead guitar is a but too washy sounding (too much reverb) and sounds too distant. A bit more presence would have been good.

A worthy tune if you're in the mood for some Country.

Old timey country

There's potential here, but for the life of me I can't find the hook or even the name of the song, which is a must in country music, especially in commercial country which was requested to be scored.

The drum machine would be less obvious as a machine if the fills were scaled back or played more as a real drummer would do them. When in doubt, just leave them out or keep them very simple. The tom rolls are really hurting the groove.

The lead vocals aren't bad for a traditional country feel, but they're not really gelling with what the band is doing. Having said that, with this track I would think that having the band adapt to the singer would be better than the other way around.

The dirty lead guitar doesn't fit the song at all. The tone works as a rock tone, but not for this genre.

Overall, I think it works as a songwriting demo, something that could be reworked into a more concise package, but as it is the song is cluttered & too long.

wots for dinner ma?

a slightly different approach to the nashville sound .... definitely borrowing from that old school sound and songwriting page - and doing it pretty well.

it's interesting that instead of using pedal steel, there's a overall backdrop of organ doing the load of the mood work. I think I miss the steel but I do like the idea of letting the B3 sound carry that burden - it's sorta daring.

I'm not a huge fan of the snare sound and I think the song would really have benefitted from a far snappier snare. and just a little bit more thunder to the kick ....

bass is cool, not a traditional country walk but it carries the low end very well and uses a pretty decent combo of root home and harmonic attitude .....

a really really nice acoustic sound. very transparent with all the important frequencies highlighted to make it cut through without sound tinny or shallow. the part shines because of it ....

fabulous backing vocals. some standard country moments with the main female harmony but then again at times it's full of layered sounded parts. never absent, never overwhelming. all completely accentuating the very strong lead vocal.

cool guitar solo - a bit back in the mix from a guitarists POV but it carries the tune foward and works in melody nicely.

a great flow lyrically ... lots and lots of great lines. ones that work with the country folk - and some that are more universal in nature. and it all works very well in keeping the listener right in there doing just that - listening.

easy lead vocal lines. simple. not entirely intimate but it hints at emotion while maintaining that stoic country standoffishness superbly well.

a few areas of question regarding production but those all seem like producers choices and I respect the attempt to take an old concept and adapt it to somebody's vision - way better than no personality.

I dig the song. it's nothing original and nothing groundbreaking but it knows what it is and does it well - if not ever so slightly off the beaten path.

good show.

One of these days, a light at the end of the tunnel.

This tune reminds me of a country/gospel tune. The vibe is very positive. The song writing is good, but this tune is lacking hook. Its the atypical country tune set up.

Not too crazy about the organ/keyboard. It definitely gives me the feeling that I'm sitting in a church. Lead git bit is nicely done and accents the tune nicely. The back up vocals are soft and subtle but work nicely with the lead vocals.

All around good tune, but not great.

Great classic western tone

The bass and vocals, and even the guitar and the organ and the backing voices all meld into one lovely groovy vibe that resonates deep in my chest, and I'm liking it!

This feels like Roy Rogers or more the New Riders or the Grateful Dead even in their more country western moments. Each part is a sweet treat, the catchy vocal phrasing, the deep notes, the wonderfully optimistic and surprising trade it all in one of these days punchline, the organ solo, then the electric guitar solo, then the backing vocals solo who most of the time are a mere whisper in the mix, just well done all around!

As a huge bonus the mix and production are impeccable, much befitting a song so well written and performed.

Good 'ol Country tune

The tune has a very 'church-like' feel from the Hillbilly churches I used to go to when I was younger. There's everything to like about the tune but there's nothing that really jumps out and grabs me to set it apart from similar tunes in the genre.

I've got to give some props to the lyrics..which, I guess is what Country is mostly about. It's a good song with what is a 'standard' treatment.


This is very lovely, mellow ride. Everything very easy and restrained - the perfect tune for winding down at the end of a long day, maybe on your porch, watching the sun going down over the wide open fields, holding a cold one.
Getting analytical here, there are a couple things that could improved upon. The drum fills could be less tripletted snare - one fill in particular seemed about 2x too long.
I do like the vocal blend of female voices with the old guy, but there are some places where they could've held a chord through his lyrics instead following his phrasing with too much sitting on a particular note.
Overall, the feel and effect of this thing is A-1.