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Nice song, well done. decent production. Vocals are well done, sits well in the mix and suite the vibe. Reminds me of the later acoustic Alice in Chains type of stuff.

Rock n Roll for the Almost Famous
MsDa D

When i heard the song, i felt i was in cameron crowes movie, Almost Famous; with the band that i forgot the name of. But I know Nancy Wilson wrote all the music for that band. So you find yourself in good company. Singer has a voice similar to the vocalist on Guess Who. Good song. Not complex. no major leads. A solid tune.

Great song!

This is very polished and professional. The musicianship, songwriting and production are all ready for prime time. There's nothing I can pick on with this tune, you should fit right in with mainstream media. Of course that's the hard part because there's so much competition. I like this song a lot so I hate to suggest changing anything but standing out from the crowd makes getting noticed and promoted a lot easier so if you get impatient that's something to consider I guess.

more compatible

the crunch works better with the vocals but the song feels two dimensional. cj shows the better part of his range and i like the effect added to the background vocal tracks." reminds me of another band". again, the guitar has some good moments and the bass and drums add some features but that back beat needs some texture.

Zep on a wheel
Steve Ison

This starts off like a Zepellin meets Marillion kinda progressive mystical rock ballad..Obviously Zep are a huge influence..Has alot of possibilities with the neat rising lilt of the verses-but then............. there's no development..

The Go on,come on sticks on the same chord sequence- was a disappointment-as i really wanted it to tangent somewhere n it didn't... So any pleasures to be had in this track for me are in the inventive n creative production touches..The cool slightly 'off' acoustic embellishments that appear later-and the ending (specially) was interesting with the watery chorus vocals n ping ponging strange harmonies coming in n out with psychedelic relish..Kinda made the repetitiveness seem like a mantra-was my favourite part of the track..

Deep Purple?
Ailwyn Rees

This track reminded me a little bit of Deep Purple's Child in Time, with guitars echoing vocals, but maybe fortunately for the writer/s of this song, the similarity ended there!

I liked the intro, but I did get somewhat lost in the song as it went on, but I scored high on Musicianship, mainly for the apparent light and shade in the song, and also the prog rock style.

Emotional impact was there immediately, telling me that the Composer was writing from the heart about their own life experiences.

Drums and Percussion was very basic and somewhat limited, I would like to have heard more input there.

Overall an average production, but that does not take away the fact that I really enjoyed the song.

The rhythm was somewhat none existent, but I felt that fitted in nicely with the prog rock style


1st part ok , 2nd part repititious xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxyyyyy yyyyyy zzzzzzzzzzzzzz It's ok just not my thang but it might make it in the world of musical entertainment on tv or summatt.


Overall, I like this song, how it builds so very slowly and deliberately, it is taking me along its trajectory.

It is semi-optimistic in its own way, I feel it is implying I might have to work for that better day, and there are little lines, river of blood, for instance, that sometimes I might have to fight for it.

The melody is not very fulfilling, and the build seems to end at the ending, and yet there is a lot to be picked from the getting there that is very cool, loads of stereo and harmony and drums.

Primed for an emotional climax, I am left clinging to a hope that never comes.

Has a lot of cool aspects

Reminds me of several different bands wrapped into one fine cookie. The beat is steady. The inter play with the vocals was an added appeal. Nicely done really. I am trying to reflect on what this song could have used and all I could come up with was another spin in the player. Great tune. The music was great as was the tune.

spoken intro...

is a little soft for my old worn-out ears to hear clearly.

little bit of a Grunge-y feel to this one. Bass line stands out as the best part of this one. I'm not particularly grabbed by the melody or the vocal delivery.

I might like it better on a Friday night than I do this Sunday morning. Just didn't work for me.

Looking for something better.......

This song shows some very strong 'Bon Jovi' type of influence in how its presented.

The vocal melody and harmonies tend to give this song what it needs to get off the "Bon Jovi" track. It is nice to hear a few spots where the vocals are a bit weak/unsure, showing where the singer is not afraid to step outside of the comfort zone. Harmonies are very well done an tight.

Lead guitar sounds extremely hidden in the mix. I'm not hearing the bass as well as I would like. There are hints that there is a good bass line going on, but its not coming through as strongly as it should.

This song starts getting wicked interesting at the outro. Why did you wait so long to kick that in?

I can't say that I did not get some pleasure listening to this song. Its a keeper.

Good match of lyics, mood, overall feel.

This one's got a nice easy feel starting out...kind of mellow, and builds into something pretty cool. Communicates frustration, annoyance, anger.
Some cool gong-like sound mixed in with the drums. Nice vocal effects...kinda Leslie actually. This song has a bit of a pychedelic feel that's very nice.
Like this one.

Strangely familiar

A great build with a sense of impending doom, which evolves more cheerfully into 'The Mighty Quinn'. The underlying shuffle takes one to a place in the sixties; a place where I can dance.
A lot of talent in this band, am digging the bass bit time.
Not very anonymous however as someone announces the band name in moistening tones at the start.

The Dark

A song that takes you on a journey through dark places and captures your soul. Bravo!