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Basic chord progression... reminescent of Buzzcocks or early Clash. Sounds a bit like the progression to "Safe European Home." Not sure if the Brit accent is real or put-on, but either way, it works.
The recording itself is a bit rough around the edges, Not hearing ANY bass guitar in there. Do you have a bassist? The attitude is off the charts. Sneering to the extreme. Love it.
The lyrics, not so great, but that's okay, because they are kinda beside the point here.
Although, you know... the hook like "I used to be a friend of mine". Not so bad. In fact, it's pretty goddamn perfect for the song. So, really, just work on those verse lyrics.
I dig this a lot. Just those 2 things to work on:
• recording quality
• some of the lyrics
But I would certainly listen to this again. And again.


Kinda of a typical punk thing going on. I am not a big punk fan but this sounds about right to my UN-trained punk ear.

I do wish the guitars were less transistor sounding. The part is ok but the tone has a bit to much bite and kind of drowns out the rest of the rhythm section.

I also think it would be cool if the singer ditched all the room verb and just made the track dry. Might as well keep it raw on a tune like this one IMO.

Trash can banger

Pretty basic structuring. You have some favorite bands that sound very similar to this, and you want to emulate that.

The guitar mix is nice to hear, these are great. The solo and the drums are a bit cheapish, but makes the song very amiable.

The lyrics are a culmination of every ramones song you've heard before. The vocals actually weren't too annoying, but they could probably use some heart.

I'd say this is a good start to your musical journey. You wanted to test your strength in some other band's spirit. Now you need to branch out and find your sound. Because the mixer is ready to mix.

I used To Be A friend Of Mine
Steve Ison

I think thats lines really poetic,heartfelt n funny..Its got this quirkiness n sad loser humour thats very much a British outsider quality from The Kinks onwards thru brit psychedelia to home-made punk bands -which is where you're obviously coming in from..

This is lofi old school kinda punk..The songs decent -not really distinct n brilliant-but with plenty of energy-good vocal flow -servicable changes and a kinda dumb humour i definitely enjoyed..

Some of that is in stuff like the deadpan oi oi oi's which def had me tittering under my breath

You used to be a friend on mine?
Ailwyn Rees

Was the rather irritating buzz alongside counting by numbers deliberate, or a production error? The jury's out!

A throw back to the 70's New Wave/ Punk era! I loved the music then, and I never grew out of it, so form that point of view, I enjoyed listening to the track.

For the first minute or so, the vocals were somewhat lost in the mix, but started to cut through nicely after.

Lyric's - somewhat repetitive about "the friend of mine", but I suppose that could be seen as a hook!

Overall, a pretty good number, but I feel it could do with a remix just to iron out the buzz and vocal issues.

Original Punk

Completely catches the best of the punk rock sound. Good rich guitar tone, and the vocalists pitch and timbre match it well.

Nice solo! Caught me by surprise, I guess because of the tone. Can't tell if it's a guitar or a cheap keyboard. I like it.

By the end of the tune, I know which band it is. I already liked 'em. Now I like 'em a little more.

I'm my own good friend!

I am having a lot of fun with this song! It is classic punk rock with a simple humorous twist that goes down so easily for my tastes. No, there's no rocket guitar lead, the drums just bang on, the singer's voice is growly street level English, not a crooner, no sir! Love the Oy Oy Oy used to be a friend of mine line, a special touch which practically hooks an otherwise ordinary punk work of punk art.
But it is the wry wit of the lyric that propels the song forward and above the fray, with the implication he is no longer a friend to himself for good reasons he recounts, which should be sad, and is really, and still I empathize and even project hope, I mean, otherwise he seems to have a reasonable attitude.
Perhaps this is not the in sound, but it is a breath of fresh air.

The Gory Days

Ah, those three chords just never lose their appeal. You know where you are with this one in the first 10 seconds. And you pretty much know that you're staying there.
The vocal's a rough enough, set at a good level, but a bit lacking in energy. It's as if their chief purpose is to get the lyric out there. Perhaps that's why the delivery is just so secondary.
Chorus has the simplicity essential to the genre but is completely lacking a gimmick to differentiate it from its contemporaries. That didn't matter 'then' because all you were supposed to do is follow the formula; as long as you had the biggest and brightest mohican, who gave a shit? However since then we've had Green Day, technically and melodically enhanced
All in all, the bass is the most creative instrument, so it's shame it's pretty buried. The song is a great generic for a student of music in pop culture but otherwise forgettable.

pseudo punk

rocking punkish roots shit here ....

decent mix for something punk oriented - got the kit, got the lows and got the big dirty obnoxious guitar and got the simpleton vocals ...

most importantly, it's got the tude. and the right chord progression to build the somewhat linear and monotonous melody line that is an earmark of the style.

cus it's a punk oriented production, there's not really much point in going over the production and mix with a fine tooth comb cus it's obviously supposed to sound pretty garage band oriented and it succeeds at it .... the drums are hard driving pocket with little deviation - with the hats playing as big a part as the snare - the bass is mirroring the chord progression - yeah. that's textbook. the guitars are a bit more rock sounding than I'd expect and of course, there's a lead - and that's not the norm but at least - it sounds lke it's either one finger or one string. mr simple. mr "I am too cool for my black T"

the vocals are fine - completely punk - except I really don't understand nor like the fake brit accent. and it is fake, trust me, I've heard nearly as many attempts at seppo being limey as I've heard limey playing seppo and frankly, unless one is very very good at it - it never works. just sounds like a fraud taking the piss. of course, it possible that the singer was actually taking the piss - but if he was, he shoulda camped it up a bit more to make it even more obvious. cus now it's coming across as he thinks he's passing off as a legit brit punk. and he ain't. partially cus this whole style is far more american punk than british.

I dunno, I wanna like it as a dark punk effort but it seems a bit contrived and false. a paint by the numbers tune and performance. which isn't moving me much.

be more honest. be more yourself. be more ramones than sex pistols.

still, as consolation, you win this review pair cus it's excecuted better than the first song and it's far more musical.

btw- it ain't alternative AT ALL. what were you thinking?