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Kraftwerk reinvented!
Ailwyn Rees

Back to the jolly old schooldays there was a refreshing sound on the circuit done by a German band called Kraftwerk. This instantly reminded me of them!

Not a lot of commercial appeal in today's market, but who gives a monkeys! It appeals to me!

It's all well mixed, good electronically created musicianship, very original and quite refreshing.

Hope you enjoy this latest review, because you're very unlikely to get another one too soon!

Low-budget 80s TV series almost soundtrack

Pretty lo-fi for a soundtrack.
Synth sounds sound like 80s FM.

Could suit a low-budget TV series sound at best.
I thought it would be an instrumental, but the vocoder vocals is pretty much ruining it, making it not even worth a soundtrack IMHO.
Just a pretty lame 80s 'electronica' recreation.

Apart from some synth sounds that are cool, there's not much here.
The beat is minimalist and tiring. There's not much sense of where this is supposed to go, and pretty much it doesn't go anywhere.

One line in the vocals striked me: "Don't waste your time"...
Problem is that I feel that this is exactly what I'm doing listening to this thing.

The only criteria you chose was 'Commercial appeal'. I'd say none, but I can't choose 0, so there you go.

Oh yeah
Tor Hershman

This would work quite well in a SciFi flim.
Perhaps the mating scene betwixt the cyborg beauty and the leading man in a futuristic hotel or EVEN while they hide in a cave, that would make fine juxtaposition.
Lose the "Drugs," methinks you're saying 'drugs'.
Drop that word and put in an enigmatic guitar note.
I have NO IDEA why the ratings had FOUR "Song 1:" sooooooo I gave one four stars and the next one star. (scratches head)

soundtrack for a direct to video lamo titled documentary.

it's a soundtrack sounding song for sure ....

but to me, it's simply bits and pieces - snippets that might be usable in scenes at best. as a whole, the song takes a direction and tho it might have seemed like something "moving" ... it's really just somebody preaching. so if it's some sort of SAY NO documentary ... or maybe some evangelistic christian movie to scare kids - that's one thing ... but otherwise, it's got no chance of success as a generalized for sale song.

soundwise .... kinda flat and just yucky ... digital drums looped flat off the circa 90something drum machine ... the bass has potential as it's simple riff is cool and something could be built off it - unfortunately, nothing of interest was. so it sits there in infinite repeat with some basically lame sounds surrounding it and leading the way for some incredibly average vocals singing cold lifeless lyrics.

the simplistic synth samples get old and don't add much excitement, nor do they help ground the tune in melody. speaking of which, there just isn't any in this. it wants to rely on randomly interjected instrumental voices and the vox but neither actually serve the song much justice.

and no mastering .... no dynamics in the mix nor the mastering. just a flatline understated sound. brings no physical reaction to mind at all and a few times I actually found myself nodding off to sleep while listening.

and that's not good.

the final thought is that I did wanna find something I liked about the song and unfortunately, that's resigned to be only the potential of the bass ... otherwise, this one needs a complete rethinking and rewriting unless there's no desire for success outside of the slim possibility that some zealot organization might grab onto it for it's narrow minded approach to making life better for people that probably don't want nor need it's interference.

is that what any music, soundtrack or otherwise, is about?

nothing stands out in the track as great either - especially the vox - which seem dialed in by a less than average singer who uses some sort of effect to strengthen his weakness - maybe even hide it.

and that don't get it for me at all.

keep plugging at it - nobody that's anybody would use anything

Don't waste your time. No, not the song, it's a lyric!

Even with all the effect the words remain quite understandable. The bass and drums have a John Carpenter They Live vibe. Super deep bass and long synth notes keep the mood serious as the topic, your lousy damn drugs wasting your life away.

The vocal melody and arrangement is surprisingly catchy, has a sort of disco/rave/dance motif with a dash of Pink Floyd or Steve Miller or Alan Parsons Project.

Easy to listen to, and presents its message in a levelheaded way. I can imagine it in a tragic melodrama with teenage runaways or street musicians or baseball players or anyone with a drug problem.