All Reviews Of White Trash Christmas

Happy Xmas!
Ailwyn Rees

Well, this is the first Xmas song I have heard on the BRS!

Quite a nice song altogether, but fancy waking up with a lurch? No way Jose!

I've set a reminder on my phone to play this song on Xmas Day, as it's a damned sight better than the Xmas records that are churned out these days!

Where's the film?

Wonder how you could consider that a soundtrack.

It's just a simple piano line with a guy telling a story on top.
Nothing more.
I don't see any images on that, and the story itself is not that interesting really that any crazy indie film maker would ever dream of filming that.

The piano is 12db lower (at least) than the over loud vocal, it's an interesting line though and it has a certain Christmas quality all in all, in a creepy sort of way.
Some attempt at a melody there, so there's that. And the vocal is sort of related to that piano, so that's also a plus.

But after a minute waiting for something to come that would keep me interested it failed waking me up and suddenly the 'song' was over.

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin ran away

What are the odds on my getting a Christmas song on 9th December? Maybe it was entered on 8th December.
At first this song, with its sparse sensitivity, seems like schmultz, a bit Disney, but then you hear the 'white trash Christmas' line you're thinking again. Surely some irony, always welcome in the 'Bah! Humbug!' contingent.
Not sure if our man's sympathetic to or scathing of white trash; they can't help it after all.
A bit of half-hearted crooning in the latter part drifts toward seriousness, and the general tone is light and free. Really it's all about the lyrics, the rest is festive background music, which is not to say that wasn't a good choice. The minimalist accompaniment I guess leaves no room for mixing errors, that we might miss a word or two.
Not sure what this song achieved for me, not a larf-out-loud thing but not a groan. Possibly it's a grower, like the Python song that's too dry for a teenager but more appreciated in middle age.

Ho Ho Ho
Tor Hershman

A most amusing number.
I REALLY had Frosty The Flamethrower one Yule Tide sooooo this is somewhat reminiscent for moi.
It's a funny song and that ain't easily accomplished.
You're going to get higher marks from myself, I assume, than most folks 'cause I understand the concept of goin' for laughs.

not getting the video out of blockbuster thanks.

lemme guess .... chevy chase and christmas vacation 6 soundtrack?

well .... ok ..... considering how simple this is, a midi loop keyboard I think and an overpowering vocal line - it's very very rushed and gives a feeling of a bit of confusion. certainly not comfy and reassuring ...

the simple key progression loop is not really much to write home about although I will give that it actually does have at least a dark christmas vibe about it ... it's beat is a little disconcerting as well cus it's not really something that flows or grooves at all. like an old hippie with a quirk is driving the sleigh.

I kept waiting for something else to develop, a band entrance - maybe some drums and bass and maybe more - but it just never happened ... and because of that, the song was completely linear and bored me quickly ....

the vocals tried to prevent it, with some ambitious phrasing and an attempt to make the original vibe strong - and the voice at times was actually pretty good - at other times it sounded a little forced and just not quite well rehearsed. but the voice was satisfactory and sometimes spot on. the story line was too personal for my tastes and I have to believe that the jokes surrounding the tune weren't particularly funny at all.

they may be appropriate for a story that is built around the song and maybe there's something slapstick wise that is humorous about it but really .... it's not horrid but really I can't see being interested in the movie based on the song.

so - the positives are there. some good singing, some decent musical ideas ... but there are more negatives.

the bottom line - nobody is gonna buy this song for a soundtrack, you'll have to make the movie yourself.