All Reviews Of A Talk With God (Who Loves You?)

Who Loves You?
Ailwyn Rees

Who loves you? I kind of got the gist about what you were asking whilst you were taking one step backwards and two steps forward.Bit repetitive wasn't it? Run out of things to write about did we?

Oh well, that's the whinge done and dusted. Let's analyse those aspects...

Vocals are top notch, great harmonies, tight as a duck's arse and very pleasing to the ear, all resulting in a good melody

Originality? Well, considering what I have been listening to on the radio lately, this song wouldn't be out of place on there!

Good musicianship, arrangement and production rolled into one.

Really liked the acoustic guitar work, and the lead guitar wasn't over dominant.

Nice piece of work. Guess when your next review will come along???

Nice folky song from yesteryear

Cool harmonies and strong vocal are fully featured here.
I quite like the simple but effective arpeggios and the melody overall.
A couple of timing issues but nothing too distractive.

The double guitar could have been panned more widely, or have better separation, they kind of mask one another which causes some phase cancellation. There's a bit too much reverb as well which doesn't help.

The vocals have some sibillance, mostly coming from the reverb.
You should try to EQ the reverb return and cut some highs on your reverb, it will sound more natural and will probably help with the sibilance.

The violin part works for me when it sounds like a mellotron, but less when it tries to pass for a real violin, it's a good effort but quite difficult to succeed. I would have gone with a simple acoustic guitar solo for that or forget it entirely.

In short, a nice little intimate song that's rather easy on the ears.

Mellow and true

Quite a lovely piece. Teetering on the brink of bygone days, stylistically, but whatever retro elements exist here, they deserve to live on.
Good control in every aspect here. I might have expected a band to kick in a Zeppish rockin' way, about 2:00 in, for the sake of dynamics, but we get a very interesting string part - if keyboard, no matter, liked the less obvious note choices through its melodies. Patience is another general aspect of this piece and the singer and his vocal blend never over-sing anything, just keeping the tone and pitch true. The vocal blends into some interesting chords, just letting it sit there over some well-picked, well-recorded, nicely fattened acoustic guitar.
One of the good ones here, folks.


Vocals seem a little week, shouldn't stay too much in the lower registers, song would be a lot better in the midrange registers. More of a folk song than pop definitely.

What it is about, this love thing...

There is a ton of peacefulness afoot here. All levels- the pretty acoustic guitar, the strings, the violin, the lack of drums, the gentle harmony vocals, the melody, the arrangement, the meaning of the words.

As a love song it excels in simplicity and faith in the existence of love despite obstacles, and delivered with sincerity I am prone to accept on face value.

It feels like the Doobie Brothers got real sentimental and offered this up unplugged, which means to me it is credible even if a bit mushy. Thankfully the road to love described is not perfectly straight and pothole free, no, one must keep the eyes on the road ahead all the time, never forgetting, always focusing on "who loves you".

I'm not enamored with the melody itself, I don't think I could be killed even softly by this song. Nonetheless, it could slip in a mix and hit a person feeling especially emotionally vulnerable pretty hard, perhaps even a tainted romantic such as myself on some days.