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Not new... for me at least...

I had already heard this song. Where? I don´t know... When? humm... but its good.

Interesting mixture of electronic intentions and stand band performance, electro-rock style... this could be. The drum-bass colour is not contundent but it works for amateur intentions. Guitar´s distortion is very synthetic, I don´t want to talk about guitar´s musicality because simply doesn´t exist, bass goes in the same way. VOX-Guitar or wherever effect backgrounds are something outburst.
Only thing here that sounds natural is voice, is like slipping, leaking, sliding Kream... ;)
Anyways, song is cool... static but cool.
hum I forget... "feeling empty of desire"... hihihihi I don´t want to be boyfriend of this girl definitely ;-)

My second review!
Ailwyn Rees

I found this song very difficult to relate to, and my scores tend to relate this. Having said all, I felt that the song was very well mixed!

I got the distinct impression that the majority of the song has been computer generated, and although it wasn't my cup of tea, I'm sure that there are many listeners out there who will love it!

Feed me, feed me!

I am not sure my ears are clean, at so many times I can't make out the lyric, but I do hear this feed me byte, and so I want to transpose the actual lyric to something pertaining to this expressed hunger, probably not for food I postulate as the sexy female voice leads my imagination elsewhere than the dinner table.

No doubt the total musical onslaught is furious passionate inspired, very precisely switching from half note bass dips out of the main chord, there's lots of that going on, and it adds such edge to the otherwise very well behaved melody.

If I could get a solid grip on the words I might like the song much more, but I am hesitant to get too attached to a song I can't follow, and yes, I realize as big and busy as this song is one might be lucky to understand even what little I did, I suspect the lyrics are better than that and would rival the music.

A night at the rave.

Vocals are energetic and sung well. The tune sounds too much like a dozen other current other artists to stand out from the crowd.

Production and playing is good though the vocals, at times, are overpowered by the instruments.

While I would enjoy this as "background" at any dance venue I might visit, the song doesn't "grab" me for any particular reason and would not be one I would find particularly memorable.

But then, I can be awfully picky. Good job nonetheless.

WTF did you put in this drink?

Didn't think I feel the walls of brain ripping apart in layers when I came here tonight.
It's kind of like "Tomorrow Never Knows"..."turn off your mind relax and float downstream", but it got a lot more turbulent than bargained for.
Again, the Sugarstick Duo, she being trancelike hypnotic, he with the usual headphone techno crossfire to a clubbish beat, but this time a more than usual typically aggressive assault on our brains.
I do think this thing takes it as far in realizing its objectives mix-wise, with the vocal layering and arrangement of notes. The piece could perhaps "level up" (in the gaming sense) with some work on the drum kit/percussion sounds themselves. For instance, the snare that hammers could use more sharpness, may even dialing up progressively sharper snare eq's in a particular passage - some other creative sound from the kitchen, layering over it - to drive home the hammering on the inner walls of our brains aspect.
A song such as this certainly might make one consider copping some acid, as this is the perfect song to have the 'phones whilst watching one's melting face in the mirror and contemplating one's mortality, looping into a very harrowing O.D. experience. Dig it.

If the beatles were still around..and John was a girl

Have I heard this before? Excellent tune. Vocals perfect for tune. It has kind of Beatlesque 21st century vibe. Danceble. It's so much better than the Madonna pap that I'd put it up against. The groove, mixing and musicianship are perfect for the vibe.

Here's the problem with the song vs. song. The two are so different and I like them both SO much for so many reasons. This is hard to do...

Le Review
Mark Kaufman

Cannot get this song to play a second time, after having to leave the house for a bit and come back, yet cannot replay it now either, due to some sort of technical glitch. I also cannot log out and come back without leaving 15 words. So, suffice it to say, since I've forgotten everything but the feeling and the sound of the vocal, that it won the pairing, and I liked it. Yeah.

Great Chorus
Steve Ison

I thought i wasn't gonna like this track at all to begin with-with its mega-kickin' machine dance beat n typical Madonna-esque eastern-tinged vocal line over a drone-but the chorus came in like a brilliant unexpected rush with genuine exhuberance,release n sense of freedom and it completely changed my perception..
For my taste i dislike the massively full-on in-yer face intensity of the production- complete with seemingly random technoey dance noise squiggles etc,but the chorus is just undeniable-great harmony on the last part of it too..Musically for me-other than the chorus,the best part of it easily was the vocals-just a great pop vocal..Easy to listen to,great tone-Just singing the song..


I like everything about this--good clear, clean, driving bass part, excellent percussion, lots of nice little diversions and interplay in the mix to accent and illuminate. Vocals are astounding and melody line is captivating.

One of the best I've encountered so far on this site.

2 listens...

driving poppy rock shit makes me move

great opening .... drags you into the mood immediately. and so quick to the hook - great move. or is it the hook? either way, it feels like immediate gratification ...

interesting words. not sure what they mean exactly but they flow and ride the waves of the music sooooo well .... that's a thing that is so forgotten so much I think it's important that when lyrics work on a guttural level like this - it ought to be mentioned.

fabulous beat - drums and other rhythmic sounds really make the body part of the listen and what more can be asked? ... the hihat action is splendid and does so much more for the song than the average listener would know but I' not unaware. rolls are a bit too digital and perfectly timed but I'll forgive that for their intent.

bass pound is cool as hell .... and getting the little runs in on that quick beat is helping the drive of the tune as well as adding harmonic structure to grab onto.

love the various keyboard sounds and synth drones - as well as other stereoized FX ...and great background vocal placements. simple parts well rep'd make for great parts.

guitar is a big part of the equation and tho I'm not totally inlove with the tone, I do dig the parts. great use of in and out and the effect used to sustain them in the chorus works well.

so many cool vocal lines and lyric. lots of them thar sill a bills.

great vocals. they drag me into her world. tho I don't get where we're going I love the ride. great tone. pitch and attitude are plenty varied from smooth to talk talk and I love the little fills and the nicely carried out held notes. and the ending laugh ... perfect.

I really dig this tune across the board. sorta pop, sorta electronic and sorta rock. with some silly as shit sounds that fill up the ear tickler reservoir.

this could be big if the band ain't lame looking and the chick is hot. I just hope her ass ain't skinny and she doesn't wear those ridiculous false eyelashes. oh and if she's blonde, she should shave her head.

Holy get the heart beat racing batman!!!

There is no way anyone could accuse this song of lacking energy. A definite 'rave' party tune!! Great dance beat!

Good vocal melody/harmonies, pleasant to listen to and perfect for this song. Good combination of electronic effects, groove and vocals.

Not much more to say! This tune is a gem and a keeper!!!