All Reviews Of The Tug Of Love

I feel like the music spinning for me today is yours....

Third tune review for this person. Thankfully the songs are not difficult to listen to or else this reviewing process would be torture. I'm liking the hook in this song. Of course the vocals are well done including the spine chilling harmonies.

I'm enjoying the fact that there is REAL guitar in the tune, but so disappointed how hidden the guitar is in the mix. The git playing is good, from what I can hear, why is it being overpowered by the synth stuff??

The abrupt ending caught me off guard. Which might be a good thing, meaning I wasn't ready for the tune to end.

Well Arranged, Pretty but a Bit Tame

It's nothing of earth shattering brilliance, but it's decent. I feel like it could benefit by having a bigger contrast between the verse and the refrain/bridge. At the same time, the remarkable attention to detail in the arrangement does stop the song from dragging when it otherwise might.

The intro is cool: builds the tension nicely and the layered manner in which the instruments are brought in is done well. The guitar sounds great, the playing is tasteful, it's brought in at all the right places.

The melody for me is mediocre. It's quite pretty but it's all a bit tame and predictable. The singer is bang in tune as far as I can tell but the melody does her no favours.

euro meets american hip hop

Remember those simple times of flipping a vinyl record over? I love all things music, oh yes. All my reviews are merely my opinion that I feel fall into the mainstream commercial Top 40 radio airplay genre. I use only top grade playback equipment.
My Review of your song;
Its a good contemporary radio song with euro sounds on a american hip hop beat. I am gonna assume that this is your final version so suggestions on productions are mute. I will say this, if your are gonna make a song like this in the future I suggest you use more moden voice effects and a straight forward beat. As with most techno songs, the voice is the melodey and music is just there for the groove and you did a great job with that.

More experimental, really

Maybe it's experimental pop?
Either way, I really like the production on this. Reminds me a little bit of Kate Bush or Peter Gabriel -- more Kate Bush.
It's masterful the way that you manipulate the dynamics of the song without really manipulating the volume. Great arrangement.
Now, I am saying this as somebody who is not necessarily an A+ fan of this style of music. I enjoy stuff like this sometimes, but I have to admire the skill with which you pulled it all off. Top-notch stuff, folks!

Space pop Diva

If you feel like spinning away.

Now that's a truly nice line that leaps out in a Major Tom to Ground Control sort of way. It inspires me to listen further.

The intro is just synth glamour but I like it, it's not too anything, and the moodful chords that progress from it are kind to my ears shifting into heartstringpullingminormajorchangesgalore.

I suppose this is pop, not alternative, in the eyes of the artist because it is so harmonically palatable, tried and true and hard to argue with and yet it is rare to get a combination of words and music that really endures, perhaps exceeds so many other songs in its complex simplicity.

But there really are hints of space travel- I know you're out there in the blue. Just small hints and then you are back on earth- a simple rule- to love? to lie? I have to guess....

So for lyrics they sing brightly, not conveying a huge story just a couple of moments, a couple scenes. And the piano scales are so dramatic and appropriate for their parts!

I think I generally prefer experimental over pop, but I must proudly admit I like this song. Perhaps, dare I say, it has a strain of experimental in it.

Trippy Sweet

At the start, I thought this was gonna be all droney and trippy, and I was thinking, "this is kinda just alright" then it took a turn going from major to minor and into a very classic pop progression and it grabbed my heart. This had the sweet kind of melancholy I might get from Bryan Ferry, and also with a measure of the Roxy Music interplay between melodic and experimental ensemble. One thing beyond the aforementioned artists though; the vocal arrangement here sounds like a dream. Good contrast between the lead and backups, good clean separation.
As much as I admire the arrangement and overall mix, I do wish we would have gotten more of a lead instrument in some areas. It's all ensemble, and, while I hear some very nice tones, I wished the guitar could've stepped forward and shown his stuff in some places.

Spinning Away
Steve Ison

Kinda techno-poppy song..Spacey,reverby with a kinda serious melancholic airy eastern vibe..Normally 'melancholic' and 'airy' would be great buzz words for me and a guarantee i'd really like a song alot..

So why do i feel so indifferent about this ?

Its vaguely pleasant-with nothing forced or anything-but a little bland melodically-well the verse is....

I really like the oo-oo B/vs-very cool-the 'i know your out there' is a nice melodic lift too.. 'its a simple one' is my favourite bit-its got a real shift moodwise....

I think the synth dance sounds and vibe make it seem a little dated maybe..
I kinda think i should actually like it more than i do..

east west pop tart

This song has something from about 4 genres I like. There's a hint of eastern music, straight pop, rock, and 80's synth. Outstanding. There's nothing I could not like. Extremely well produced and executed on all fronts.

Dancing inside

This one has me dancing on the inside as soon as it starts. I also want to turn it up way too loud.

Lots of layers of sound, but not cluttered or messy. Better than most of what I hear on the radio. Very professional-sounding, to me.

Nice touch at the end!

Dated keys/production hurt this.

My first impression was that this was a track from the early 90s. There's nothing inherently wrong with the early 90s, of course, but when a song reminds me of a certain period because of the technology (i.e., synths) used in the song, that's not good, IMO, because I'm distracted by an apparent attempt to follow a musical trend... that no longer exists. Point is that when a song is as synth-oriented as this, it becomes harder to judge it on the merits of songwriting since the synths are front and center, and so my impression is mostly that this sounds dated.

The melody and vocals are simple and pleasing, but they really do take a back seat. I can't help but wonder how this would sound with a completely different treatment. Not just different instruments, but even a different feel. I enjoy the shift to the chorus; it hints at the possibility of emotional impact... which I'm not getting in this version.

Overall impression is that this is a pleasant but dated and somewhat unremarkable track.