Mink Stolen Part 3 of 5- Outer Space Is My Place by Interstellar Fur Traders Band

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As Part 3 of 5 begins, the nanospy’s recording has just exposed a secret deal between some corrupt Knights of the Round Table and MasterMade to cut out their trade agreement with the Interstellar Fur Traders for the giant mink furs. It begs the question who Dominique Angelique really is underneath her nanomakeup, friend or foe, and features the musical's hit song performed by Krispy.

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So we're back to our Knights being serenaded by Guinevere again. I hope that when that proverbial shit hit the fan it didn't ruin her make-up too much?

Oh, so it's Angelique? Reminiscing back to her childhood in part two. I think you should have employed her great vocal talents on some more of your soundtrack, experimental offerings. It's a refreshing change from your spoken dialogue!

Overall a good production, melody and arrangement courtesy of your female vocalist. It was certainly the highlight of this track, overshadowing everything else.

You might want to print off and frame this review, as it may be the last one you receive from the current members of Audiopolis....

Ailwyn Rees


Mink Stolen Part 3- Outer Space Is My Place

I’m so mad I’d like to face them, her, right now
I won’t need no nanomakeup to convey my ire
how easily she deceived me, and I was a Level Three
but we have to learn just a little more
protect our tiny lead
leave them with no time left to score
their time is almost up, I say
you can count on that for sure

and as your host I have a special toast
please stand up, our guests from MasterMade
and let me applaud your cutthroat cleverness
I would have thought those Knights were too chivalrous
to succumb to the usual blackmail and bribes
but you are especially good at disguising bad vibes
and indeed I detected no trace in her nanomadeup face
and they looked like real tears in her augmented eyes

Dominique Angelique collapses in my arms
her nanoskin turning opaque, sensing her unconscious state
and I begin to doubt her complicity
and just as surprising Colonel Bakersfield’s face is red as a beet
and it hits me they were not in on the plan
they were both slammed as the proverbial shit hit the fan
she revives and pulls herself close and whispers in my ear
I didn’t know, please let me discover who is doing what to whom
she regains her perfect poise and silently walks out of the room
the party prematurely over on a note of doom and gloom
anger still flashes in my face
but inwardly I celebrate
because in spite of whoever she might really be
I could not help but like Dominique Angelique

Dominique Angeliques’ Theme (Outer Space is My Place)

when I was a young girl
my mother spoke these words to me
your father is the richest man
in all of history

but outer space is my place
but I don’t see that there’s that space in me

now you might think, my mother said
that means you’ll never want for naught
but happiness is nonetheless a thing that must be sought

but outer space is my place
where I don’t see that there’s that space in me

happiness, she said, is all you need
and therein lies the paradox
and now I’m on a starship
flying ‘cross the galaxy
searching for the one thing
I don’t have but really need

‘cause outer space is my place
where I don’t see that there’s that space in me
‘cause outer space is my place
where I don’t see that there’s that space in me