Mink Stolen Part 2 of 5-Subterfuge on a Starship by Interstellar Fur Traders Band

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Our tale continues as the beautiful and mysterious nanocoated Dominique Angelique Vigeant and the dashing Chief Fur Trader Terrence Daniel Periwine meet for the first time in the space station bar. It goes well, but there is a tension, the business competition for the giant mink unavoidable, and MasterMade had a slippery reputation. Was it all on the up and up?

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Tales of the Interstellar Fur Traders
Mink Stolen Part 2
Subterfuge on a Starship

she was sitting alone at a table
I knew who she was from the passenger manifest
the eldest daughter of Victor Vigeant
the world’s first quadrillionaire, owner of MasterMade
the largest and most profitable corporation of all time
her nanomakeup was working overdrive
I thought about not walking over and introducing myself
for about seven and a half seconds

TDP: hello, Dominique Angelique, I’m ---
DAV: --- Terrence Daniel Periwine, Chief Fur Trader this time
TDP: a pleasure to be known by you ---
DAV: --- oh, the pleasure is all mine!
I’ve grown up with the legendary tales
and was wondering how you were in the flesh
I smile into stormy grey eyes and say, fresh

her smile back is so subtly enhanced I forget it is
TDP: so what is MasterMade’s business, if you don’t mind me asking?
DAV: trade, like yours
TDP: for the giant mink, perhaps?
DAV: my father is so obsessed with it, and I just felt the urge to volunteer
a dark ripple of concern crosses her face, almost fear
TDP: good luck with that, but let’s talk shop later, dear
DAV: wasting no time, Chief Fur Trader, sir!
alright, now please order us both a beer

it has taken three months of constant acceleration
for the Aquarius to reach the 88000 miles per second
required to achieve warp speed today
what a day to wake up and find out bad news while still in bed
Simone the settler and Private Chip fell in love
and she cried because he would not be staying
when he told her a secret, he actually won’t be leaving for a long time
Ecstatic from the news, Simone tells Artemis
my fellow fur trader, who of course who tells me
so we plant a few nanospies in a few key places
and raise just enough curiosity to set off some alarms
we haven’t been at warp speed long when we get cold hard proof

MM1: he told her ---
MM2: --- but how much?
MM1: I don’t know
MM2: --- it might not be enough
MM1: she told them something, they were quietly asking around ---
MM2: --- but they don’t know about the base
MM1: no, but ---
MM2: --- or its purpose, about MasterMade
MM1: no, but ---
MM2: --- they don’t know about the video
MM1: I don’t think so ---
MM2: --- the deal we have, they’ve no choice now
MM1: um, keep your voice down ---
MM2: --- with the Knights of the Roun ---
MM1: how could they? only we know that
MM2: --- so we’re safe
MM1: I suppose
MM2: --- for now