Queued (The Carnival Song) by Flying Killer Robots



Don't know how I lost the time, it slipped right before me
Don't know how I lost my nerve, the right words never found me
Been told enough to know what I'm supposed to fear
But, I've lived enough to know that I'm no longer scared

It goes up, down
This carnival ride
It goes up, down
But you have to wait in line
It goes nowhere
That's where my frustration lies
Round and Round, and back again to wait in line

Don't know how I lived a life, with the chaos around me
Don't know how I made a change, with the powers up against me
I've lost enough to know that I can only win
I've seen enough to judge an angel by her sins

Don't know how we stood so long, but the waiting is over
Pride has come before the fall and now it's time to reconsider
I've walked enough to say that I've been in your shoes
I've loved enough to know just how to sing those blues