Baltimore in Blue by The Audio Refugees


By Nozonozo. All rights reserved 'n' shit.


Disrespect the Blue
Tradition be damned
Family half there
Fathers on the lam

Single parent kids
Drugs and despair
Hope's on the skids
State run welfare

Ignore the poor
Ignore the mess
You get Baltimore or less.

Have 3 different kids
With 3 different men
Rinse and repeat
Oh go do it again

Disaster and strife
Not if but when
It's a way of life
It's a carcinogen

Forget to pray
Forget to bless
You get Baltimore or less

When pop culture starts to pop
From the Hip Hop beats non-stop
Makes you vote more or less the same
So you get more or less the same
It’s insane
A verified crying shame

Sharpton's dull as can be
What's a victim to do?
Statist Zero speaks
He hasn't got a clue

Race cards stack the deck
Rule of Law no more
Po Po in check
Goodbye Baltimore

When life's a chore
With no progress
You get Baltimore or less