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forMusicians wants to be a meeting point for musicians where you can find the musician you need. To join a band, perform at a concert or recording in a studio.

It's an international meeting spot for musicians, musicians wanted, musicians classifieds, musicians available, musician, bands, groups, instruments, ads & classifieds.  For guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, instrumentalists, keyboard players for concerts, demos, performances & recordings.


The site is no longer active but remains online fully archived because it might one day be resurrected when/if music regains it's status as a valuable commidity.  iNt was a great filter to find fabulous indie music.  Every song stream is identified by a personalized FM style "tag" by the artist OR by our own DJ's that give you the name of the artist and song title so you know what and who you are listening to.

Browse through the catalogue. By Artists A-Z, Songs A-Z, it's all the best Independent Musicians of 2003-2008.

Two former iNt tunefinders are currently staff members here at audiopolis ... Gregg Gavitt, and CJ Denecia.


International men of mystery. One from Chicago (Todd Leiter-Weintraub), one from Birmingham (Steve Ison) and one from Melbourne (Julian Agius). We are all musicians who have played and recorded original music for too many years to remember. We listen to craploads of music (Metric craploads, not Imperial) and we have always loved sharing the best of it with our friends. We now use Bonemachine to share it with everyone.