Whiskeys Quicker

Whiskeys Quicker is a Valley-based rock cover band launched in 2011 by sports media personality Dan Bickley. Bickley is best known for his biting commentaries in The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com. Hear him daily on Arizona Sports 620 AM. His work and opinions are often featured on Ch. 12 News. But music has always been one of his passions, and this band is fulfillment of a lifelong dream
Bickley first recruited Joe Palma as lead guitarist. Palma has played professionally in Los Angeles, jamming with some of the biggest names in the industry. He likes to travel the world and remain mysterious.
The band took wing when the guitarists landed Gabe Lugo, a thunderous drummer and Performing Arts teacher at Apollo High School. Lugo lives in Glendale, and when not molding minds of young musicians, he cheers for Arizona's sports teams and drinks really good beer.
Recent addition Gary Hake is from Minneapolis, now living in Phoenix. Gary has performed, recorded and collaborated with a variety of groups and singer-songwriters over the years. From originals to covers, hard rock to funk, R&B to experimental, Gary takes pride in playing all styles of music with heart, soul, energy and groove.
Lead Vocalist Steve Palanca has been performing in the Valley area for over a decade. He loves a vocal challenge, and will sing just about any "Rock Style" there is to sing, from Journey to Zombie to Guns 'N Roses. Steve's passion for singing is also inherited by daughter Keri, who is lead vocalist of Houston, Texas band Thorns of the Forsaken.
For more, check out Whiskeys Quicker at www.whiskeysquicker.com.
For bookings contact: Kat Palma at kat@whiskeysquicker.com

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