Interstellar Fur Traders Band

As I type these words it occurs to me that only three people have ever heard this 25 minute ‘concept album’, and they would be its collaborators, Ingo Lee, Krispy and Steban, who comprise the Interstellar Fur Traders Band. We all happen to have had a lot of fun on this project, somewhat surprising for such a long work. I must admit I felt a sense of trepidation when I handed over all the spoken parts to Ned. But he said thank you and quietly set everything to music a section at a time. Kim was persuaded by him to provide some oohs and ahs to accompany his instrumental tracks, and with that the music grew into something we could never have expected. Ingo’s incredible soundtrack arrangement obviously became joyous inspired singing sessions for K, well that’s how I hear it! And finally HUD joined the band to beef up the battle scene with some savory sound effects.

Suffice it to say, we each had ideas, and we each did our parts with pretty much total freedom, and the result of that is a very cool and distinctive sound, dare we say original? And we hope, for you, a most enjoyable half an hour of your life.

Mink Stolen is the first ‘tale’ to be released in the Tales of the Interstellar Fur Traders series. There was a previous (12 minute!) song by that name by me which explains how in the first couple hundred years of warp speed when it was still rather primitive there developed an almost low technology for high technology trade relationship between Earth and its colonies. It also inspired Ingo to suggest a more dramatic soundtrack approach, and that resulted in this tale. The cast of characters includes Chief Fur Trader Terrence Daniel Periwine, Dominique Angelique, Sir Lancelot and giant minks, and features the simply beautiful song Outer Space Is My Place at the 12 minute mark in Part 3.

The full version can be heard at, and at Audiopolis it is broken into its five parts-

Mink Stolen Part 1- Camelot Bound
Mink Stolen Part 2- Subterfuge on a Starship
Mink Stolen Part 3- Outer Space Is My Place
Mink Stolen Part 4- Battle of the Giant Minks
Mink Stolen Part 5- Good Night, Bad Knight

The next tale in the series, Planet of Beautiful People, is tentatively scheduled for release in 2014, and don’t be surprised to see the pilot on BBC shortly thereafter!

Band Members
Words, Music and Vocals
Music, Words and Production
Music, Words and Vocals
Jeff Wayne