French Blueish Purple Suede

an internet collab band between friends (who have all met in real life btw) that started out as a vehicle to promote Yve's vocal career but has morphed into more of a denecia/gavitt thing as she's moved on to different more offline projects and kim has continued on with her many collabs - including those with gregg as phlogiston.

most songs, new and old, feature gregg as the complete band - doing all the instrumentation and each of the other members as lead and sometimes backing vocalists.

SO FAR AWAY  was written by cj, A REASON was written by cj (the words adapted from a Yve poem) and RHAPSODY was written by gavitt/christie/denecia with gregg supplying the music.

So Far Away Alternative
A Reason Pop
Rhapsody Pop
Band Members
songwriter, musician, vocals
songwriter, musician, vocals
songwriter, musician, vocals
musician, vocals