Garageband app for iPad

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Garageband app for iPad

Postby steban » Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:55 pm

So I was at my cousin's home in Virginia playing with her iRig with VocalLive and Garageband on her iPad trying to figure out how she could record with it.

The results were mixed. First, iRig uses the headphone 1/8" to both input a hardwired mic and output sound to speakers/headphones. It has a simple 4 track mixer that one can use to record. However, it cannot easily import Garageband created songs or tracks.

In fact, Garageband was as hard to mixdown tracks and import audio tracks as it was easy to make cool useful sounds with virtual instruments, which was really hard. It is like a very lite version of the PC/laptop program. We dug deep into youtube and might have seen some very involved workarounds, and we still hadn't addressed the best way to record her guitar on the iPad. We could buy a USB or iRig for Guitar type product, but I was still confronted with the mixdown options problems. What I did find out is she could run her headphone out from her iRig to the mic in on her Dell laptop and record the mixdown with Sound Recorder. That could possibly be done even better with Reaper, and one could consider the iPad as a cool input.

If anybody has experience with iPad and Garageband, please correct me if there's some reasonable solution to just using it.
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