Now THIS is a review!

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Now THIS is a review!

Postby PopTodd » Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:06 pm

Review of : We Made It to the Middle
By: Todd Leiter-Weintraub

a surprisingly quick vocal entry which sorta doesn't work for me. just a quick run over the chords for a bar or two would have set up the song better.

but ....

it's a dry and simple production .... the guitar ain't badly captured but personally, I'd like it a bit warmer with more easy lows and edgy transparent highs ... but I like the easy simple attack .... it's played with confidence and a pretty decent amount of imagination and talent. the vocals match the sound well though - the voice cutting through the single guitar well with a pretty nice dry and decently warm eq. maybe just a little more edge .... but it's compressed pretty well and allows the song to be listenable despite the dynamic differences in the singer's performance from part to part.

speaking of which - the voice is pretty good .. . starting out in the lower bari range, almost bass voice ... easy ... lots of character and good diction. a few of the note transitions are rough and a little sloppy but it feels right just the same. here and there, I think there's room for improvement in holding a solid pitch and tone but I really like the voice and hear excellent potential with only a little bit of vocal work. not to take away the rough edges but to control them and use them to your advantage.

humming transition to the more energetic ending works ... sorta .. might be a bit overstated. lay back some on it vocally.

ends up with the register of the song going up the octave and that same work will benefit this territory. tho again, I like the part and performance as it is - it just needs helpt to take it to the top of it's potential.

lyrically, there's a load of words but they nearly all seem to nearly always flow well. effortlessly - mostly. clunky just a few times ... a little bit. like a few more rehearsals before recording would have solved that .... but the words work. the story is good tho I did not really try incredibly hard to find every word in your delivery. the full story doesn't matter much to me early on in my relationship with a song .... later on we can bond and get close if I find the song as a whole worth looking back at.

and I would this.

this is pretty folky stuff ... I sorta want there to be more parts - more dynamics but then I realize I'm trying to make it more pop than folk and then I realize it's working in it's current state for the audience targeting ....

I have really enjoyed hearing the song a few times to be sure. it appeals to me on that indie folk side of the coin .... just need to tighten it up a little and think of a more pop rock production.

but I do like it ....

Real in-depth, usable observations and commentary that demonstrate that the reviewer has not only listened to the song, but has taken the time to really think about it and where it needs to go.
Thanks so much for the fine commentary, CJ. And, just so that you know, I am planning on giving this one the full-band treatment and have been planning to do so right from the start.
Dig it.
And, thanks again!
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Re: Now THIS is a review!

Postby cjdenecia » Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:23 pm

very welcome todd ....
you can't handle the truth.

nor do you want to ...
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