Review forum participants - please read

The old AudioRefugee Review Forum - where we kept the fire burning for a few years while we were building the Audiopolis Review System and website.

Review forum participants - please read

Postby shankarji » Tue May 12, 2009 9:59 pm

Welcome to the Audio Refugees Review forum.

We like to look upon it as the heart and soul of the Audio Refugees site and of the brand new Audiopolis indie music site that is currently under development. I mean…we’re a site dedicated to independently produced music, so why wouldn’t we?

As the membership has grown and with it, the activity in the Review forum, we thought it was time to set out some guidelines and point folks towards the general etiquette we’d like to see evolve here. We’d like to stop short of making this a list of rules and regulations…heh…we’re way too bad-ass for that stuff! It's all pretty obvious stuff and really, we’d much prefer to put our trust in the membership’s ability to self-police their own behaviour. But if things do get out of hand, Peeve and I will be here to offer gentle reminders! :D

The first thing to state is that this forum is based on reciprocity. We give and we take…and generally we give more than we take. If you do find yourself getting sucked in to getting involved with this disparate community of lunatics, renegades and musical outsiders, you’ll generally be expected to do the giving first. Check out some tunes…check out some characters…check out some tunes of said characters…write some reviews…enter into some debate…express an opinion…get involved.

We have a core group of reviewers who are always ready and willing to offer their opinions, their expertise and their time, to those folks who want to upload their tunes for review, or to obtain advice on any technical and musical aspects of a tune’s “work in progress”.

Some reviewers will not have the technical chops to address such issues, but just want to express an opinion on whatever emotional connections the tune makes with them. For some musicians, this is the most important kind of feedback and members who wish to offer this kind of review shouldn’t feel intimidated by the more in depth technical reviews that other’s may write. Musicians need an audience and for a lot of home recordists and internet collaborationists, this kind of “gut” reaction comes from our ‘audience’. Music lovers and listeners are, after all, what making music is all about.

So by becoming a part of this growing diaspora, when you come to upload your own tunes for review, folks’ll know who you are and that you’re not some itinerant freeloader looking for an ego boost…or for someone to rip you a new one! Y’see? Reciprocity! :D

When asking for reviews we’d prefer you to upload one tune at a time, rather than flooding us with you entire back catalogue…or linking us up to your TAXI/MySpace/Garageband page and giving us a choice of songs to review. Remember, this is a rock’n’roll site and just maybe, folks might be a little high…so keep it simple for the stoners and drunks. One song…one thread. It’s also advisable to be specific about what kind of feedback you’re looking for. Songwriting, Melody, Groove, Mix, Production….you know the kind of thing.

We encourage discussion based on reviews…we’ve seen some songs grow from germs of ideas into finished masters, based on advice given and taken in this forum. So that kind of interaction can be vital to a songwriter…but please limit the discussion to the song, rather than drifting off into general discussion or any kind of personal comments or flaming. We want people to be scrupulously honest in their opinions, whether they be positive or negative. Remember, the review process is pretty much a labour of love and should be seen by all of us as such. There’s no reward, other than the knowledge that you’re doing something constructive and that you’re offering your subjective opinion, because you’ve been asked. If someone doesn’t like your widdle song, you can ask them to elaborate, but in the end we all have to learn how to swallow! :D

One or two other basic points.

Try and keep the language fairly clean in here, please…this is more for the benefit of passing trade, who may be put off by too much cussing. Sometimes it is absolutely impossible to make a point strongly enough without an expletive and that’s fair enough…we’re all adults. It’s just the gratuitous effing and blinding we’d like to discourage....y'get me? ;)

If we think a discussion is heading towards some kind of fisticuffs, we will lock the thread down and advise the combatants to take it to the bin. End of. Once the handbags at dawn have died down, we can always un-lock the thread again for more reviews.

One line comments directed at other reviewers, rather than tunes...well we've got the bin for folks who wanna do that stuff. Let's try and keep the Review forum free from drive by one-liners used to pick at existing scabs...and direct our energies at the music.

We'd like to see each review thread develop into an exchange of ideas and opinions focused solely on the song. Some of us take offense quicker than others, but if we can try and remember that we're all musicians trying to do the best we can...and whether the efforts are at novice level or more professional offerings, the effort and sincerity of the musician cannot be doubted and is therefore worthy of our respect. If we write our reviews with that in mind, we'll have a great forum based on honesty and respect, without losing the edge that totally un-biased reviews will bring.

We hope newcomers will enter into the spirit and vibe of this place. We’d be thrilled if you decided to join us…we’re all essentially music lovers and we believe there is music out there on this ‘ere interweb thingey, that is the equal of anything the majors can offer us. Our experiences so far have shown this to be the case.

So enjoy the tunes, enjoy the camaraderie and please get involved. We’re trying to build something for independent music makers here, but it can only be done by creating a reputation for great reviewing and a buzz amongst the on-line music community, that will draw more and more dedicated music lovers and makers, to come and live the life of the audio refugee. :thumb:
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